6 growing markets in which to invest for the first time

With frequent changes and shifts in the world economy the best way to overcome the crisis it is to use the money wisely and investing in promising markets that ensure at least for a while a number of important revenue and even thousands of dollars. Before making an investment is important to research, read and […]

Binary options on the short term with a 60 seconds strategy

With the binary options you can pick up gains in both short and long term, so you decide how you want to establish your portfolio according to your needs and investment objectives. A particularly interesting feature is that the percentage of profit is known, before running the operation you can know how much you can […]

After the terrorist attacks the tourists canceled the trips to France

In the past 40 years, Nice, one of the major tourist cities in France and Europe, has suffered 32 terrorist attacks, according to the Global Terrorism Database (GTD). In the latest episode of terror, 84 people died after an insane action. Another issue that has raised concern is the impact of the attacks in which it is one […]

Germany puts the bond sale with negative interest

Germany has for the first time on the market 4,000 million euros in bonds maturing in 10 years with negative yield, a 0.05%, so the investors should pay the interest on the purchase. In search of the security and following the uncertainties generated by the Brexit, the government of Angela Merkel seeks the security after […]

Growing expectations for the future of the economy of England

The Sterling today fell back to a low level in more than three decades, below $ 1.30, before the adverse consequences that threaten the British economy after the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The British currency traded as high during the day at $ 1.2801, its lowest level relative to […]

Again the attacks affect the tourism in Turkey

The triple suicide bombing this Tuesday at the International Airport of Istanbul can be bottoming the tourism in Turkey, one of the main sectors of the US economy that had already been fallen in recent months after the multiple terrorist attacks since early this year. A year ago, Istanbul and Ankara have been in several attacks that have left […]

Rio de Janeiro in financial trouble just a few days before the opening of the Olympics

When is missing just over a month for the opening ceremony on this August 5, the travel industry estimates that two years of recession, the political crisis underway and the public alarm about the Zika virus have turned off the enthusiasm of the tourists. The Rio de Janeiro state government is in such a plight that two […]

How Does Phelps affect the finances?

Even though you are not a fan of sports, neither do you watch TV or the news, for sure you have heard about him: Michael Phelps. An American swimmer who has made history. For being the first and only athlete in the Olympics history that reaches 23 gold medals, without counting the silver and bronze […]

For the United Nations the slaughter of Orlando is associated with the easy access to the weapons

The United Nations (UN) said that the slaughter occurred last Sunday in the city of Orlando, where 49 people that were in a gay nightclub died, is directly related to the easy access to the weapons, even for the people with a history of mental illness or the domestic violence. Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein, the […]

World Bank announced the risks of the global economy

The World Bank warned on this Tuesday from Washington about the stagnation suffering at the moment on the global economy. The heavy braking instigated largely by the drop in the prices of the raw materials and has led the institution to lower its growth forecasts in five tenths in the last six months to a […]